Digital Tech Credential

The Digital Tech Credential is a free program for university students in the Capital Region to gain the digital skills needed for entry-level jobs in this region.

The Capital CoLAB Digital Tech Credential is a unique credential that indicates students have in-demand digital literacy skills. The Digital Tech Credential allows the region’s leading businesses and academic leaders to collaborate in scaling a coordinated response to pressing workforce needs. This program is being implemented by universities throughout the Capital Region and is recognized by regional business as a differentiator in hiring talent.

Completers of the Digital Tech Credential Classes Receive a Digital Badge

Digital badges are markers of academic and professional achievement that you can publicize across a broad range of professional mediums (including LinkedIn, Handshake, and a traditional resume).

The CoLAB’s Digital Tech Credential is accepted and recognized by all CoLAB companies as a marker that you are well prepared to step into positions that require foundational digital skills, such as data analysis, data visualization, and data security, cybersecurity, and AI/machine learning.

Generalist Credential

The Generalist credential is to prepare students in the knowledge, skills, and abilities for job roles that require an understanding of data analysis and visualization as well as data security.

Specialist Credentials

The Specialist credentials prepare students in the knowledge, skills, and abilities for job roles involving specialized technical skills. Tracks include cybersecurity, machine learning, and data analytics.

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Credential Student Opportunities

Amplify Your Success with the Digital Technology Credential  Gain in-demand capabilities to get the most out of your field of study, designed for students in all majors in partnership with Capital Region universities and preeminent businesses. By taking a selection of classes in conjunction with your major, you can participate in the Capital CoLAB’s Digital Tech Credential program. Digital Tech Credential students are targeted for recruitment by CoLAB companies and provided access to exclusive professional development opportunities.

  1. Access to a student portal with internships from our CoLAB employers
  2. Invitation to participate in annual internship fairs with CoLAB employers
  3. Professional development webinars and other ad-hoc networking opportunities
  4. Connection to a network of CoLAB students from our CoLAB academic institutions
  5. Earn a Digital Badge to display on your LinkedIn or resume upon completion of required courses

...and much more!

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